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Household Care

Household Care - Emerald Kalama Chemicals

Household Care

Household Care - Emerald Kalama Chemicals

Household Care

Household Care

Kalama® Sodium Benzoate – Dense

Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC/E211

Kalama® Sodium Benzoate – EDF

Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC/E211

Kalama® Sodium Benzoate – Powder

Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC/E211

Purox® S Grains

Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC/E211 (high purity grade)

3-Phenyl Propanol (3PP) FCC

GRAS (21 CFR §172.515) ingredient used in soaps, home care, and foods.

Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde (ACA)

An economical choice for perfumers. It blends easily and assists in fixation of the fragrance.


Fragrance ingredient providing long-lasting support to floral, lily, citrus, fresh air and marine types.

Benzyl Benzoate USP/FCC

GRAS (21 CFR § 172.515), nearly odorless ingredient with high molecular weight. Widely used perfume fixative.

C-10 Aldehyde

Important, GRAS (21 CFR §182.60) perfumery component also known as decanal. Fatty odor with floral, citrus effects on dilution. Available in FCC grade.

C-11 Aldehyde (Undecylic)

Widely used to provide an aldehydic character to fragrances, as well as floral notes

C-8 Aldehyde FCC

GRAS (21 CFR §172.515) ingredient also known as octanal, octyl aldehyde, and caprylaldehyde.

C-9 Aldehyde

Provides delicate, rose-like notes for floral compositions and citrus/rose oils.

Cinnamic Alcohol FCC

GRAS ingredient (21 CFR §172.51) in the form of a colorless, crystalline solid with hyacinth-like balsamic aroma. Versatile raw material for numerous derivatives and several pharmaceuticals. Valuable component in perfume compositions.

Cinnamic Aldehyde FCC

Widely used, GRAS (21 CFR §182.60) flavoring ingredient. Versatile raw material for derivatives such as cinnamic alcohol, 3-phenylpropanol, cinnamonitrile, and in certain agricultural applications.

Citralis PQ

Ingredient used in personal care, cosmetics, and household applications.


Fragrance ingredient with spicy notes that blends well with woody and heavy floral notes such as rose


Sweet, balsamic-floral ingredient with a tenacious oriental odor

Florosol A

Fragrance ingredient for fine fragrance/toiletries/household care, where it enhances white flower notes and adds a bright edge

Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde (HCA)

Close relative of ACA, More floral and less fatty.

Kalama® Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC

GRAS under 21 CFR §172.515.

Lilestralis® Pure

Used to impart freshness to floral fragrances such as lily, muguet and rose

Methyl Benzoate FCC

Synthetic liquid used as a fragrance base in many personal care and fine fragrance applications.

Ocimene PQ

Gives a novel, powerful top note to citrus, lavender, and spicy-herbaceous fragrances


Recommended for fragrances in which a high quality sandalwood character is required

Peach Lactone

Widely valued fragrance ingredient that delivers sweet, peachy, fresh fruit notes


Earthy ingredient useful in a wide range of fragrance applications

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