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When performance is critical, Emerald® Industrial Specialties has a solution to make it tougher, longer lasting, or more efficient. Cure-Rite® Rubber Accelerators are a key part of the rubber vulcanization package for tires and rubber parts such as hoses, gaskets, and belts. Emerald also offers effective corrosion inhibitors used in automotive and aerospace applications, including sodium benzoate and Good-Rite® Sodium MBT. These products provide corrosion inhibition in automotive liquids such as antifreeze, coolants, hydraulic fluids, and cutting fluids.

Accelerators for Rubber & Tires
Cure-Rite® BBTS Rubber Accelerator

General purpose, non-nitrosamine generating, fast-acting accelerator for a wide variety of polymers.

Cure-Rite® MBDS Rubber Accelerator

Dual function accelerator. Acts as sulfur-donor in zero sulfur recipe. Longest delayed action if used with sulfur.

Cure-Rite® OBTS Rubber Accelerator

Longer delayed-action accelerator for technical vulcanizates that demand scorch safety and fast cure rate.

Automotive Underbody Sealants
K-FLEX® 975P Non-Phthalate Plasticizer

Versatile dibenzoate plasticizer for performance in vinyl, adhesives, sealants, and coatings, offering excellent compatibility with polar polymers and a low freeze point for easier handling.

Corrosion Inhibition for Automotive Fluids
Kalama® Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC – Dense

Sodium benzoate preservative NF/FCC/E211, dense granules (granular form)

Kalama® Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC – EDF

Sodium benzoate preservative NF/FCC/E211, extruded dust-free

Kalama® Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC – Powder

Sodium Benzoate preservative NF/FCC/E211, powder form

Purox® S Grains Sodium Benzoate

Sodium benzoate preservative NF/FCC/E211 (highest purity and quality worldwide)

Good-Rite® Sodium MBT

Corrosion inhibitor, metal processing aid, biocide or chemical intermediate.

Gasket Swell Additive
K-FLEX® DP Non-Phthalate Plasticizer

Most versatile dibenzoate plasticizer, offering exceptional low temperature flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of polar polymers and rubbers; excellent choice for many high-solvating plasticizer applications


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