Mining - Emerald Kalama Chemicals

Oil, Gas & Mining

Mining - Emerald Kalama Chemicals

Oil, Gas & Mining

Mining - Emerald Kalama Chemicals

Oil, Gas & Mining

Oil, Gas & Mining

Emerald provides a range of solutions used in energy production, fuel, lubricants, oil field, mining, and oil and gas applications.

Good-Rite® Intermediates improve the efficiency of mining operations and provide critical functionality in ore purification. Good-Rite Sodium MBT is used in metal chelation, as a metal deactivator for copper and copper alloys. Good-Rite NaSH reacts with heavy metals for extraction or separation of copper or mineral ores.

Purox® B Flakes are used in hydraulic fracturing and downhole mud drilling, as a temporary plugging agent in subterranean formations.

Emerald also provides solutions for corrosion inhibition and offerings for industrial and protective coatings.

Corrosion Inhibitor for Lubricants
Kalama® Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC – Dense

Sodium benzoate preservative NF/FCC/E211, dense granules (granular form)

Kalama® Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC – EDF

Sodium benzoate preservative NF/FCC/E211, extruded dust-free

Kalama® Cinnamic Aldehyde FCC

Widely used, GRAS flavoring ingredient; versatile raw material for derivatives and in certain agricultural applications.

Metal Separation
Good-Rite® NaSH (Sodium Hydrosulfide)

Versatile reagent, solvent, and sulfur donor delivers critical functionality and efficiency in leather, dyes, mining, ore separation, rayon desulfurization, and Kraft wood pulping.

Good-Rite® Sodium MBT

Corrosion inhibitor, metal processing aid, biocide or chemical intermediate.

Temporary Plugging Agent for Fracking
Purox® B Flakes Benzoic Acid

“Flake” form of our technical benzoic acid, offering high chemical purity and low agglomeration tendency


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