Industrial Intermediates

Industrial Intermediates

Industrial Intermediates

Industrial Intermediates

Critical Building Blocks in Many Applications

Emerald provides a wide portfolio of high quality intermediate chemistries that are essential in a wide range of synthesis and processing applications.

Kalama® Benzaldehyde and Sodium Benzoate are key building blocks for the production of specialty chemicals, such as dibenzoate plasticizers and certain glycols, and they also serve as essential intermediates in highly efficient chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical manufacture, industrial processing, and cleaning applications.

Good-Rite® sulfur intermediates are valued components used in the mining, paper, leather, and poultry industries, serving as solvents, depilatories, sulfur donators, chelators, corrosion inhibitors, and more.

Kalama® Benzaldehyde Technical

Versatile building block providing the raw material for the production of industrial, flavor and fragrance chemicals.

Purox® B Flakes

High chemical purity and low agglomeration tendency.Flakes typically measure between 0.5 and 4.5 mm, free bulk density is around 540 kg/m3.

Purox® B Liquid

Liquid is supplied around 140°C.

K-FLEX® 850P

Economical, specifically tailored for vinyl applications, offers excellent stain resistance and durability. Can be used alone or in blends with other plasticizers.

Kalama® Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC

GRAS under 21 CFR §172.515.

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