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Emerald Kalama Chemical

Kalama® C-8 Aldehyde FCC

Citrus notes

Kalama® C-8 Aldehyde FCC is an important flavor and fragrance agent for a variety of applications, such as soaps, detergents, creams, light fragrances, and eau de parfums. As a fragrance compound, it brings a citrus character in personal care, household care, artificial citrus oils, and perfumery. Its pungent odor becomes citrus-like on dilution.

Kalama® C-8 Aldehyde FCC is used as a flavoring agent in foods, such as baked goods, candy, ice cream, and gelatins. At 25 ppm, it provides a green flavor with an orange-peel citrus note. Kalama® C-8 Aldehyde is also known as octanal, octyl aldehyde, and caprylic aldehyde and is an  FDA GRAS ingredient (21 CFR §172.515).


Production FacilityKalama, WA, USA
CAS No.124-13-0
Flavor/Fragrance NotesCitrus
Typical Properties
Assay97.0% minimum
ColorColorless to light yellow
Flash Point54°C (129°F)
Refractive Index (20°C)1.417 – 1.425
Specific Gravity (25°C)0.810 – 0.830
Acid Value (mgKOH/g)5.0 maximum
Application GroupApplicationDescriptionNotes
Flavor & Fragrance BlendFragrance ApplicationFragrance ingredient also known as octanal, octyl aldehyde, and caprylaldehydeCitrus
FoodFlavor ApplicationFlavoring agent for baked goods, candy, ice cream, and gelatinsCitrus
Household CareFragrance ApplicationFragrance used in detergentsCitrus
Personal CareFragrance ApplicationUsed in perfumery to create citrus notes, including eau de parfums and artificial citrus oils, as well as in soapsCitrus
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