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Cure-Rite® 18 Rubber Accelerator

Cure-Rite® 18 (OTOS) is an efficient, thiocarbamyl sulfenamide rubber accelerator producing short cross-links. The derived vulcanizates improve the compression set, reversion resistance, and oxidative stability of the rubber goods. Additional advantages of Cure-Rite® 18 are obtained due to low heat build-up and low compression set in the field.  Formulators will find technical and economic synergy when Cure-Rite 18 is used with Cure-Rite BBTS or Cure-Rite OBTS to vary length of crosslinks and vulcanizate properties.

Cure-Rite 18 is used in rubber applications such as natural rubber (NR) compounds—including off-the-road tires or engine mounts—as well as styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) tread compounds, butadiene rubber (BR) tread compounds, and vibration dampening rubber.

Cure-Rite 18 is offered in powder and pellets and is also available in a proprietary, non-dusting powder form for excellent dispersability, Cure-Rite18/80.

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Physical State Powder & Pellets
Melting Point (°C) 133-141
Heat Loss (%) 0.5 max.
Ash (%) 0.5 max.
Application Group Application Description
Automotive Tires Delayed-action accelerator for heat and reversion resistant NR & SBR in OTR.
Automotive Under-the-Hood Accelerator for low compression set; or heat and reversion resistant molded goods.
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