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Cure-Rite® BBTS Rubber Accelerator

Cure-Rite® BBTS is our first-choice, general purpose, sulfenamide (sulfur donating) rubber vulcanization accelerator. When using Cure-Rite BBTS, manufacturers benefit from fast, zero nitrosamine vulcanization in a broad variety of elastomers. It is fast acting, but also offers delayed action vulcanization, ensuring the development of desirable properties before curing while maximizing productivity. Rubber applications include natural rubber (NR), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR), and butadiene rubber (BR).

Compounders appreciate that Cure-Rite BBTS is added at the end of the mixing cycle and easily disperses in all rubber. Compared to CBS, Cure-Rite BBTS offers better scorch protection at typical loadings (0.5-4.0 phr). Cure-Rite BBTS also has excellent technical and economic synergy with Cure-Rite 18, enabling manufacturers to vary crosslink length and vulcanizate properties.

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Physical State Pellet & Powder
Melting Point (°C) 104-112
Heat Loss (%) 0.5 max.
Ash (%) 0.5 max.
Moisture (%) 0.3 max.
Purity (%) 93.0 min
Free Amine (%) 0.3 max.
Application Group Application Description
Automotive Automotive Rubber Non-nitrosamine, accelerator used in NR, SBR, BR and blends in automotive applications.
Automotive Tires Delayed-action, fast cure, zero nitrosamine, accelerator for NR, SBR & BR in tire tread, sidewall & carcass.
Automotive Under-the-Hood Scorch-safe, fast cure accelerator for belting, hoses, seals, mats with excellent rubber properties.
Rubber Conveyer Belts Non-nitrosamine, accelerator is synergistic with Cure-rite 18 for superior strength industrial belts.
Rubber Footwear Non-nitrosamine, accelerator enables good stretch and rebound in the production of rubber soles.
Rubber Molded Goods Accelerator, non-nitrosamine type, with excellent scorch prevention for molded rubber articles.
Rubber Rubber Goods Non-nitrosamine, accelerator used in auto, industrial and household rubber goods.
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