Emerald Kalama Chemical

Emerald Kalama Chemical

Kalama® Florosol

Muguet, Rose, Cyclamen, and Lilac Notes

Kalama® Florosol has a full-bodied, lily-of-the-valley (also known as muguet) fragrance with aspects of rose, cyclamen, and lilac. It is commonly used in fine fragrances and toiletries, such as bath products, hair care, and body care, where it enhances floral characters, especially notes of white flowers.

This grade of Florosol is optimized to balance the economy of Kalama Florosol A with the performance of Kalama Florosol S, Emerald’s two other Florosol offerings.


Production FacilityWidnes, UK
CAS No.63500-71-0
Flavor/Fragrance NotesLily of the valley, rose, cyclamen, lilac
Typical Properties
Assay98.0% minimum (sum of isomers; Isomer 1: 29-55%; Isomer 2: 45-69%
ColorAlmost colorless
AppearanceClear liquid
Flash Point106°C (222.8°F)
Refractive Index (20°C)1.453 – 1.460
Density (20°C) (g/ml)0.943 – 0.953
Application GroupApplicationDescriptionNotes
Flavor & Fragrance BlendFragrance ApplicationSuitable for use in fine fragrance and toiletries, where it enhances white flower notesMuguet / lily, floral (rose, cyclamen, lilac)
Personal CareFragrance ApplicationAdds muguet (lily of the valley) and other floral notes, such as rose, cyclamen, and lilac, to fine fragrance and bath/hair/body care, where floral character (especially white flower notes) is enhanced.Lily of the valley, floral
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