Emerald Kalama Chemical

Emerald Kalama Chemical

Kalaguard® SB Sodium Benzoate

Kalaguard Sodium Benzoate Preservation for Household Care approved under BPR PT 06

Consumer Friendly Household Care Preservation

Kalaguard SB is the first and only sodium benzoate preservative approved under BPR PT 6 in Europe, providing a green, consumer friendly alternative to household care preservatives under pressure. It effectively inhibits microbial growth up to pH 7, in applications such as cleaners, detergents, hand dishwash liquids and fabric softeners.

Kalaguard SB sodium benzoate is classified as a low risk substance by the European Commission for applications governed by the BPR and preferred over classical biocides to encourage the use of products with a more favorable environmental or human or animal health profile.

  • Green: Nature identical, biodegradable, and authorized for use under green label programs such as Ecocert COSMOS, Nordic Swan, and EU Ecolabel.
  • Non-irritating: Classified as non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin
  • Easy to Use: Low odor, no discoloration, little impact on viscosity, works well in combination with other common ingredients

Kalaguard SB is intended for applications governed by BPR and is not for food, feed, or pharmaceutical use. Use preservatives for products during storage safely. Always read the label and product information before use.



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