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Emerald Kalama Chemical

Kalama® Benzaldehyde Technical

Kalama® Benzaldehyde Technical is an industrially useful aromatic aldehyde. It is used as a versatile building block or intermediate in many applications. For example, it is a raw material in the production of industrial products (such benzyl and di-benzyl amines), benzyl alcohol, perfume ingredients (such as amyl, butyl, hexyl and methyl cinnamic aldehydes), and flavoring chemicals (cinnamic aldehyde and its derivatives).

Emerald’s leadership position and dual production locations (in the U.S. and Europe) allow us to set the standards for quality, reliability, and security of supply. Emerald also offers Kalama® Benzaldehyde FCC and Kalama® Benzaldehyde – FCC Low B&T, which are utilized in consumer applications such as personal care, home care, foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.


Typical Properties
Production FacilityKalama, USA
Assay99.0% min (By Emerald Kalama Chemical GC Method)
ColorColorless to Pale Yellow
Fragrance NotesAlmond, Cherry
Application GroupApplicationDescriptionNotes
Flavor & Fragrance BlendFragrance ApplicationRaw material in esters industrial intermediatesFaintly aromatic
Graphic Arts & PrintingSolventUsed as a solvent.
Paints & CoatingsEpoxy resin coatingsUsed extensively as a non-reactive diluent in epoxy resin coatings, where it reduces the viscosity and raises product flexibility.
BrochuresLine CardsArticles / White Papers

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