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Emerald Kalama Chemical

Kalama® Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC

Emerald is a leading global producer of benzyl alcohol, producing a high quality, chlorine-free product that meets FCC and NF specifications and requirements. Kalama® Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC is a food-grade, GRAS ingredient (21 CFR §172.515) commonly known for its low volatility and toxicity. It is the right choice for a large number of pharmaceutical, personal care, food, and technical applications.

In personal care and pharmaceutical applications, Kalama Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC is an effective preservative to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and molds. It is used to preserve the freshness and integrity of products such as lotions, hair care, shower gel, body wash, antiperspirants, deodorants, wipes, mouthwash, toothpaste, emulsions, ointments, and insect bite relief lotions.

Kalama Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of polypeptides and as a raw material in the manufacture of esters, such as benzyl acetate and benzyl benzoate, which are used in the soap, perfume, and flavor industries. Its high purity and stable odor profile are beneficial in fragrance applications. Other applications include coatings, lacquers, photo developer systems, and metal cleaning formulations.

Emerald also offers Kalama Benzyl Alcohol NF/Parenteral and Kalama Benzyl Alcohol Technical.


Attribute Value
Assay 99.9%, min.
Benzaldehyde 400 mg/kg, max.
Chlorine 2 mg/kg, max.
Typical Properties
NF/FCC Passes Required Tests
European Pharmacopoeia Passes Required Tests
British Pharmacopoeia Passes Required Tests
Application Group Application Description Notes
Adhesives Plasticizers Cosolvent for cellulose acetate and nitro cellulose Aromatic
Flavor & Fragrance Blend Fragrance Application Aromatic fragrance fixative, coalescent, solvent, biostat Faintly aromatic
Food Flavor Application Fragrance fixative in confectionaries and chewing gum Faintly aromatic
Graphic Arts & Printing Inks Solvent or co-solvent in inks and lacqures.
Household Care Fragrance Application Solvent for artificial musks and fragrance for candles. Aromatic
Industrial Intermediates Industrial Cleaning Products Solvent or Co-solvent in cleaning formulations.
Paints & Coatings Paints and Coatings -Other Solvent used in paint stripper formulations.
Personal Care Preservation Safe, effective, broad spectrum preservative for personal care products, including mouthwashes and toothpastes.

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