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Kalama® Sodium Benzoate – Dense

Kalama® Sodium benzoate is a highly effective preservative. It is widely used for preserving foods, beverages (especially diet soft drinks), pharmaceuticals, toiletries, adhesives, pastes, polishes, cleaners, and emulsions. Common food uses include fruit juices and fruit salads, jellies, salad dressings, and sauces. It is also used to preserve low alcohol (< 15%) beverages as well as non-alcoholic beer. Kalama® Sodium benzoate is an FDA GRAS food additive, approved for use as an antimicrobial agent, and as a flavoring agent and adjuvant (21 CFR § 184.1733). It also has applications in the industrial sector where it is used as a corrosion inhibitor in automotive cooling systems and in paper and wrapping materials.

Attribute Value
Production Facility Kalama, USA
European Pharmacopoeia / British Pharmacopoeia Passes Required Tests
EEC E-211 Passes Required Tests
NF / FCC Passes Required Tests
Typical Properties
Form Dense Granules
Assay 99.0%-101.0% of C7H5NaO2, calculated on the anhydrous basis(NF/FCC)
Application Group Application Description
Agricultural Corrosion inhibition Useful in protecting the metal containers used for Agricultural chemical solutions
Automotive Corrosion Inhibition Corrosion inhibition for steel, zinc, copper, copper alloys, soldered joints, aluminum and aluminum alloys
Beverage Preservation Preservative for carbonated and still beverages and juice, Orange juice products, Yucca juice extract.
Household Care Corrosion inhibition Useful in protecting the metal containers used for Household products, Waxes, Polishes and Aerosol Products.
Paper Corrosion inhibition Used in Paper wrappers to inhibit corrosion of Tin, Steel, Chrome Plated and Galvanized Surfaces even in humid environments.
Pharmaceutical & Medical Products with USP/EP Certification Used in topical formulations for the treatment of lice and scabies and in formulations to repel insects.
Plastics Polyolefin Manufacture Nucleating agents for polyolefin manufacture.

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