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Kalama® VITROFLEX® A90 Benzoate Plasticizer

Kalama® VITROFLEX® non-phthalate, benzoate plasticizers have excellent safety and regulatory profiles for polysulfides. They enable formulators to eliminate plasticizers facing scrutiny and regulatory pressure, such as phthalates and chlorinated paraffins. Because Kalama VITROFLEX Plasticizers have been expressly designed for polysulfides, they also offer excellent performance characteristics, compatibility, and value in this application.

Kalama VITROFLEX A90 is tailored for the A-side of polysulfide sealants, where it provides exceptional permanence and low migration. These properties are critical to ensure low fogging in insulated glass, the largest application for polysulfide sealants.

Emerald offers solutions for the A-side (polymer) and B-side (catalyst) of 2-part polysulfide sealants. These products are manufactured in Europe, offering an excellent supply chain to serve EMEA customers. Additional solutions include Kalama VITROFLEX A99 and Kalama VITROFLEX B.

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Moisture content, maximum, %0.2
Viscosity, Brookfield RVT, 50 RPMs at 20°C, cps80–120
Typical Properties
Moisture content, %0.04
VOC, ASTM D2369, %0.7
FDA CFR Listings
21 CFR 175.105Adhesives (PART 175 – INDIRECT FOOD ADDITIVES: ADHESIVES AND COMPONENTS OF COATINGS, Subpart B – Substances for Use Only as Components of Adhesives)
21 CFR 176.170Components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods
21 CFR 176.180Components of paper and paperboard in contact with dry food

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Application GroupApplicationDescription
SealantPolysulfide SealantsNon-phthalate plasticizer tailored for permanence and low fogging in the A-side of 2K polysulfide sealants.

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Kalama VITROFLEX is a registered trademark of Emerald Kalama Chemical, LLC for its line of benzoate plasticizers. It is not associated with Viking Chemical, ARKEMA, or the VIKOFLEX product line.

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