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Methyl Benzoate FCC

Kalama® Methyl Benzoate FCC is a synthetically produced liquid with wintergreen, camphoraceous, and phenolic notes. It is used as a fragrance base in many personal care applications. Its use is increasing in applications such as shampoos, shower products and face/neck care. Other common personal care applications include body care, liquid soaps, hair colorants and cosmetics. In mouthwash, it serves as a flavoring adjuvant in addition to a fragrance ingredient. It is also used as a perfume base in fine fragrances.

Attribute Value
Production Facility Kalama, WA, USA
CAS No. 93-58-3
Flavor/Fragrance Notes Wintergreen, camphoraceous, phenolic
Typical Properties
Assay 98.0% minimum
Odor Characteristic
Color Colorless
Appearance Liquid
Flash Point 77 – 83°C (171 – 181°F)
Solidification Point -12°C (10°F)
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) 1.0 maximum
Application Group Application Description Notes
Flavor & Fragrance Blend Fragrance Application Synthetic liquid used as a fragrance base in many personal care and fine fragrance applications Wintergreen, camphoraceous, phenolic
Food Flavor Application Flavoring adjuvant/fragrance ingredient for mouthwash Wintergreen, camphoraceous, phenolic
Household Care Fragrance Application adds wintergreen/camphor notes with tropical flowers and spicy undertone to fragrances, perfumes Earthy, Floral & Spicy
Personal Care Fragrance Application Used as a fine fragrance base in many personal care and fine fragrance applications. Wintergreen, camphoraceous, phenolic

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