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Emerald Kalama Chemical

Ocimene PQ

Kalama® Ocimene PQ imparts warm, floral, sweet, and somewhat herbaceous notes. It is used in simulated essential oils, such as bergamot, lavandin and neroli, and it gives a novel and powerful top note to citrus colognes and lavender fougeres. It is also used in a range of other spicy-herbaceous fragrances. and on a limited scale in fragrances for a variety of household products. It is finding significant use in mango fragrances.

Attribute Value
Production Facility Widnes, UK
CAS No. 3338-55-4, 138-86-3
Flavor/Fragrance Notes Warm, floral, sweet, herbaceous
Typical Properties
Assay 69.0% minimum (Cis-beta-Ocimene)
Odor Characteristic
Color Almost colorless
Appearance Clear liquid
Flash Point 57°C (135°F)
Refractive Index (20°C) 1.484 – 1.487
Density (20°C) (g/ml) 0.806 – 1.810
Additives α-Tocopherol antioxidant
Peroxide Value (EOA) 10 mmol/l maximum
Application Group Application Description Notes
Flavor & Fragrance Blend Fragrance Application Gives a novel, powerful top note to citrus, lavender, and spicy-herbaceous fragrances Warm, floral, sweet
Household Care Fragrance Application Used on a limited scale to bring floral, slightly herbal notes to a variety of household care products. Floral, herbaceous
Personal Care Fragrance Application Gives a novel and powerful top note to citrus colognes, lavender fougères, simulated essential oils, and spicy-herbaceous and mango fragrances. Warm, floral, sweet, herbaceous
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