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Purox® B Flakes Benzoic Acid

Benzoic acid of outstanding quality, from the largest global supplier

Emerald® Purox® B Flakes benzoic acid is manufactured using very high standards for quality and purity, which helps to ensure low agglomeration tendency, improved chemical characteristics, low odor, and enhanced efficiency of customer processes. The high chemical purity of Purox B Flakes allows for easy discharge from bags, guaranteed by the excellent flow characteristics. Flakes typically measure between 0.5 and 4.5 mm, with
a free bulk density of roughly 540 kg/m3.

Emerald supplies three grades of benzoic acid: Purox B Food/Pharma, Purox B Liquid and Purox B Flakes.

Purox B Benzoic Acid Flakes


Typical Properties
Production FacilityRotterdam, The Netherlands
Color50 Max APHA (in molten form)
Assay99.9% min m/m (100% – total organic impurities)
Water0.5% max (m/m) (Karl Fisher)
Application GroupApplicationDescription
Industrial IntermediatesChemical IntermediatesUsed in Caprolactam Production & Building block in Specialty dibenzoate plasticizers.
Paints & CoatingsChain Terminator Key raw material in the production of alkyd resins, where it controls viscosity and enhances gloss, adhesion, hardness, and chemical resistance
Paints & CoatingsCorrosion InhibitorEffectively inhibits corrosion and flash rust at low concentrations
PlasticsFilamentsUsed in HDPE Filaments.
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