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Purox® B Food/Pharma

Emerald Kalama facility in Rotterdam EU is one of the world’s largest benzoic acid purification units and focused on high purity benzoic acid. Purox® B Food/Pharma grade meets the Ph.Eur, USP/NF, FCC and JP requirements. It stands out because of its low impurity content, which has earned it a classification as user friendly. Purox® B Food/Pharma has a low odor level and low agglomeration tendency and gives an improved color of the end product. In the synthesis of high-purity chemical intermediates for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries only the purest grades of benzoic acid can be used. Purox® B Food/Pharma meets all the requirements for these applications. Use of this new grade eliminates the need to apply complex and costly purification techniques to remove impurities introduced by less pure starting materials.

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Production Facility Rotterdam, EU
Color 25 max. APHA (in molten form)
Assay 99.98% min. m/m (100% – total organic impurities)
Appearance White Flake
Benzyl Benzoate 30 max. mg/kg
Halogenated Compounds 10 max. mg/kg
Total Chlorine 10 max. mg/kg
Sulphated Ash 0.01 max. %(m/m)
Application Group Application Description
Food Preservation Preservative food food-grade applications such as hot pack processing, non-yeast-raised bakery products (flour tortillas, pizza, pancakes), fish, and fish products
Personal Care Preservation Safe, effective, broad spectrum preservative for personal care.
Pharmaceutical & Medical Preservation Used as preservative in pharmaceutical preparations.

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