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Kalama® VITROFLEX® B Benzoate Plasticizer

Kalama VITROFLEX B is a non-phthalate plasticizer based on innovative polymeric technology, specially designed for the “B” (catalyst) side of two-party polysulfide (polysulfide) sealants. It has an excellent safety and regulatory profile relative to leading incumbent polysulfide plasticizers, such as benzyl phthalates and chlorinated paraffins.

Kalama VITROFLEX B results in excellent performance characteristics, bringing value to the critical end uses where polysulfide sealants are used. These include insulated glass seals, construction, transportation, and secondary containment. It imparts good rheology for suspension stability of dispersed solids, excellent elasticity and lap shear strength, and fast hardness development.

Emerald also offers complementary VITROFLEX polysulfide sealant plasticizers for the “A” (polymer) side: VITROFLEX A90 and VITROFLEX A99.


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Attribute Value
Acidity, acid no 1.5
Color Max (Gardner) 2.0
Hydroxyl Number, mg NaOH/g sample, max 30
Viscosity, Brookfield RVT, 20 RPMs at 25°C, cps and mPa·s 730-930
Typical Properties
Boiling Point (5 mm Hg,°C) 206
Boiling Point, extrapolated to 760 mm Hg, °C 322
Color (Gardner) 0
Density, ASTM D1475, 25°C g/ml 1.15
Density, ASTM D1475, 25°C lbs/gal 9.63
Flash Point, ASTM D92, °C 232
Freeze Point, °C <-20
Glass Point, by DSC, °C 50
Hydroxyl Number (mg NaOH/g) 25
Moisture Content, % 0.06
Solubility, in water, % 1.13
Solubility, water in % 0.08
Specific Gravity, 25/25°C 1.15
Surface Tension, ASTM D1331, 25°C, dynes/cm 33
Vapour Pressure, 25°C (extrapolated), mmHg 4.6 x 10^-6
Viscocity, Brookfield RVT, 20 RPMs at 25°C, cps and mPa.S 834
Viscosity, Kinematic, 25deg;C, cSt 722
VOC, ASTM D2369, % 1.1
FDA Coverages
21 CFR 175.105 Adhesives (PART 175 – INDIRECT FOOD ADDITIVES: ADHESIVES AND COMPONENTS OF COATINGS, Subpart B – Substances for Use Only as Components of Adhesives). VITROFLEX B may be used in applications covered by 175.105 provided a functional barrier separates the food from the adhesive as required by subsection (a)(2) of the regulation.
21 CFR 176.170 Components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods. VITROFLEX B is permitted by 176.170(b) provided that the final product (i.e., the food-contact surface of the paper or paperboard) complies with the extractives limitations prescribed in 176.170(c).
22 CFR 176.180 Components of paper and paperboard in contact with dry food
Application Group Application Description
Sealant Polysulfide Sealants Non-phthalate plasticizer tailored for performance and economy in the B-side of 2K polysulfide sealants.
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Kalama VITROFLEX is a registered trademark of Emerald Kalama Chemical, LLC for its line of benzoate plasticizers. It is not associated with Viking Chemical, ARKEMA, or the VIKOFLEX product line.


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